L.I.T. GALA Details and Reservations

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Ladies and Gentlemen, we proudly present to you the BIGGEST event to date hosted by MZ Youth Ministries!
Get ready for the LIT GALA 2018!
A night of live music, spoken word, diverse and creative entertainment, up-scale 3 course dining experience, and more all at the grand Westgate Town Center Resort!
Let's admit, there are not many quality Christian events on the horizon, so we promise you will not want to miss this one. You owe yourself and good time.
Tickets are on sale now and if you buy between now and December 9, you can get them at $55! Bring one or more people with you, and save $5 on each ticket.
Tickets are limited to facility capacity. Get your tickets today!
Who can come: Anyone age 13 and older is welcome to come.
Attire: Semi-Formal and Formal
Dietary Offerings: Vegetarian, Fish and Chicken
Pricing: $55 for one person, $50 for two or more people through Dec 2. After this, prices go up to by $5.